Okay… recently, I have watched Breaking Dawn Part 1. My bestie and I planned on watching it one day. Although, the audience was not as perfect as I had hoped (the people sitting behind us had their cell phones ringing during the wedding part and they were constantly talking, not whispering… talking throughout the movie), I still LOVED the movie! I just had to see it again! So that same day, I watched the movie again with my boyfriend! It was that amazing! I laughed, I cried, I was in love, I was scared. My parents even saw it and my mom also loved it and my dad thought it was the best movie of all of the series.

I got into the Twilight Series right before it became this huge thing. When I read it, I was 21 yrs old and single. And after reading Twilight, my standards for possible future boyfriends were very high. I am so thankful for that though. Thanks Stephenie Meyer! I was so into Twilight that I had post-it notes all over the book about my reaction to what just happened! I even met Robert Pattinson and got his autograph at the mall in Hot topic.

Anywho, I loved Twilight and have been out of touch with my Twilight side for a while. And with the stresses of college and my personal life, I think Twilight is the perfect get away. I also realized that reading Twilight as someone who is single compared to someone in a relationship may be a different experience. Who knows? We shall find out. So this is my new thing. I am going to blog about re-reading Twilight as someone in a relationship.

Also, my friend from school and I were discussing the Twilight books and talking about the difference between Anne Rice who is the Queen of Vampires and Stephenie Meyer. My friend Colleen loves literature and by far loves the Anne Rice novels more than the Twilght Saga. And several people agree that Anne Rice’s novels are better considering there are no cheesey parts like vampires sparkling in the sunlight. But she also pointed out that Stephenie Meyer was able to do something Anne Rice didn’t. Stephenie Meyer’s books were able to connect better with people that it created this huge fan base. Anne Rice’s novels are based from a long time ago. I understand that all vampires are old and live forever, but Anne Rice’s, the Vampire Chronicles are written a long long time ago… like in the 1800s. Some people find old English very challenging to understand. Somewhat Shakespeare like. My mom who had a vampire obsession, read all of Anne Rice’s books. On the other hand, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga was ¬†about vampires living now, in modern time. Although the books go up to 700+ pages, it’s a fairly fast and easy read. The Twilight Saga, just like Harry Potter comes in all sorts of different languages. So that also adds to the huge universal fan base. I am not sure if the Vampire Chronicles come in all sorts of different languages. By all means, I am not saying that Anne Rice is better than Stephenie Meyer or Stephenie Meyer is better than Anne Rice. There are just two very different writers who have a love for vampires and know how to connect with all sorts of different readers.

Why I like the Twilight Saga:

1) It brings me to this world of infinite possibilities.

2) If it weren’t for Twilight, I’d still be dating guys who take advantage of me or don’t treat me like how a woman should be treated. I’d probably still be single.

3) It’s relatable. There are so many characters that people would easily connect with. I love Leah, but several people believe that I am Alice! I love Alice too of course!

4) It is a fun read!