The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Book Review

Note: This was written in my diary on February 21, 2012 at 12:01 am

I just finished “Hunger Games.” It was a pretty emotional roller coaster. I don’t even know what to think of the book, except for that I liked it. No, I LOVED it. Wow! I read that book in 5 days. I’ve read that book faster than any other book I have ever read… even Harry Potter. That must mean it was really really good!

Okay, it’s obvious I loved the book. I admire the protagonist. I admire her willingness to survive and to help those she cares for. I love that she gets confused at the right moments yet she still knows what she is doing. I also love that although she is very strong and independent, she can seem like a home maker meaning she knows when to be hospitable and knowledgeable when it comes to nursing someone back to…life and better health.

*Spoiler Alert* from here on… pace yourself!

Peeta. I sort of struggled with him. I liked him ever since his first encounter with Katniss. Yet, when his name got called in the Reaping, I was confused as to why Katniss reacted the way she did, “Oh no, I think. Not him.” Then she explained her guilt of never thanking him. He sacrificed getting beaten from his mother to give Katniss some bread. This is when I thought that I like Peeta. “He’s sweet,”  is what I told myself. Then I disliked him when he was allies with the Careers. Then I liked him after he sacrificed his life, yet again to save Katniss at the games. From then on, I liked him more and more. I still do.

I like Rue, Thresh (who are Tributes fron District 11)  and the redheaded Avox girl (works at the Capitol). They each have a good heart and although Thresh did have a willing to survive and kill, I do believe that he only wanted to kill the selfish tributes… at least the ones who threatened him. Rue… cute and sweet little Rue. How I love her so. I will say no more, otherwise I will just depress myself. The redheaded Avox girl just seems very endearing and somehow motherly toward Katniss when she needs it. They have this kinship that you can only understand if read.

Of course I like Gale. He’s Katniss’s bff ever since both their fathers passed away in the coal mine. I just wish he expressed himself sooner. I love Gale and I also wish I knew more about him. Katniss and Gale are basically the same person. They take care of their families and each other. That’s the most important. What’s not to like about that? And they do that together. Katniss is so fond of Gale yet, I personally believe that she does have feelings for Peeta. She is just confused because she doesn’t know if her “star-crossed lovers” actions were more real or more show. I would be confused too. I would also be extremely traumatized of the whole Hunger Games experience altogether.

I came across an old coworker of mine who also loves to read. He has also read Harry Potter several times. I asked him if he’s read “The Hunger Games” and he tells me that he wouldn’t like it. He has a valid point. He doesn’t like the idea of kids killing each other. That got me thinking…

Why would anyone want to write about children hunting each other down? To get other young people to loathe each other and premeditate one’s killing? It is definitely something for author Suzanne Collins to answer if she hasn’t already.

Then I kept thinking some more…

This book is based in the future. At least that is how I perceive it. I see it as if North America has reached and “end of the world” type of natural disaster or end of the war and the Great Depression happens… this is where the Hunger Games starts. Survival, trust, love, friendship, lost and much more…. this is what the Hunger Games is all about. But as I was discussing this topic with my boyfriend in how and why Suzanne Collins wrote this book, I came up with the idea that she wrote this because it teaches us about never giving up on yourself. Always believing in yourself no matter how many people try to take you down. And that!… is a great moral. You can never beat that!

Now the movies… I am excited and I love the cast! So far anyways. Hope it will be as good as the book but I doubt it. Pick up the “The Hunger Games” at your local bookstore and start reading!