Ten Things I will accomplish in 2012

1) Dance

Aside from writing, dance really was my first passion. I signed up for Jazz and Afro-Haitian at school and would love to sign up for ballet this semester too. I’ve always loved ballet, but the requirements to be a ballerina sucks… one look at me and already disqualified. But hey, I love it and no one is stopping me.

2) Continue my path on getting my Bachelor’s in English.

I know my mom wants me to quite school and work full time. But I want this Bachelor’s for me, not anyone else. I have always wanted to teach Middle Schoolers but I wouldn’t mind being a writer for some girly magazine either, or maybe one of those people who edits papers or something. I need that Bachelor’s degree and I am so close! There’s just some people who don’t think I need it. But I do need it!

3) Find a part time job.

I need to find a part time job. It would be nice to pay my parents a bit of money and also support myself by buying my own stuff too!

3) Get my Driver’s License.

This has been put off for way too long. I am terrified of it and love to walk and take public transportation but I need to do it, especially now that I am living in the suburbs.

4) Get my wisdom teeth extracted.

The date is set! Yes, I have heard horror stories and haven’t been able to sleep thinking about it, but I have to get it done otherwise my braces were pointless.

5) Go to Church more often.

I have been going to Church more than once a week lately and I love it. I just need to maintain this.

6) Eat less chocolate.

I don’t know if this is possible, but I can try.

7) Write more.

The fact that all Borders bookstores are gone really has affected my daily journaling. My emotions are everywhere if I do not write. This shouldn’t be a reason for me to stop writing. I do miss Borders though!

8) Stop swearing so much.

It’s unbecoming. Once I stopped working with kids, my mouth was just on vacation or something… “F* this” and “Sh*!” It was a sense of release somehow but it really needs to stop.

9) Continue to volunteer.

This past semester, I did a lot of volunteer work with Project Shine and tutoring students with English for a student success program. I did good considering one of the few students who saw me received in A in her class. It was very rewarding.

10) Love myself more.

This year, there was a lot of “fat” comments towards me. It hurts. I know I am not skinny and I know I am not fat. I did like myself the way I was, but my emotions about myself are up and down. Everyone is beautiful, including myself. Accepting myself is something I need to work on.

Happy New Year!