PACQUIAO vs. MARQUEZ Fight 3 (highlights of fight 1 and 2)

As it is Saturday, November 5, 2011, I bet there are tons of Pacman, Marquez and boxing fans anticipating next week. If you do not already know, Pacman and Marquez will be fighting for the THIRD time next week. Their first fight happened in 2004 and then Marquez asked to fight again in 2008 which Pacquiao agreed to. It has been three years since their last fight and I am sure Marquez would like to prove that he is the better fighter; while Pacquiao just wants to prove that he is the best and would happily do so. Both fighters have improved tremendously from fight 1 to fight 2. It is very exciting to see how much they have improved physically and mentally since fight 2. For the next seven days, fans will be counting off the days until next Saturday.

In 2004, Marquez was the best fighter. He was the fighter that had to be beat, he was undefeated! He had won his many titles and belts with his counter-punches and is also known as the strongest Mexican fighter. Meanwhile, Pacquiao was still not very familiar to boxing fans. He won several fights and lost few against other boxers who were also not very well-known.  He won his first fight against well-known Marco Barrera in 2003. As I was watching the first fight of Pacquiao against Marquez, you can tell that Pacquiao was very young and still needed some learning to do. But, you can also tell that he had a drive to just… fight. He seemed a bit arrogant and uncontrollable. He was definitely good, but Marquez definitely came back with his counter-punches. In the first round, Marquez got knocked down three times by Pacquiao! But I do believe that Pacquiao gave all his energy in the beginning of this fight. After that, nothing really stuck out to me. That first fight was a tie, the scores were 115–110 for Marquez, 115–110 for Pacquiao, and 113–113. The scores obviously made a big controversy on both parties. Some people say one of the judges messed up counting his scores in favor of Pacquiao winning and others say it was political and the reason why Pacquiao did not win is because he was still not very popular while Marquez is supposed to be undefeated.  All I remember is Marquez was bleeding like crazy and it showed with the white shorts he was wearing. ~Ew!~

In 2008, the two fought again. In Round 2, Pacquiao got hit right in the head pretty badly. But you know, he always acts as if one hit is nothing. In Round 3, Pacquiao knocked down Marquez. Once he got up, Pacquiao just kept hitting him toward the ropes.  Pacquiao’s punches were so strong that Marquez had to hold onto the ropes to help stay him up. Marquez even followed Pacquiao to his corner. The referee assisted him eventually into his own corner.In Round 8, Pacquiao was hit pretty badly a few times. Pacquiao won the fight and Marquez’s face looked pretty hurt. At times, it looked like Pacquiao’s punches didn’t look like they were reaching and hitting Marquez, but with the way Marquez’s face looks you can tell that his face was not missed. The judges scores with were 115–112 for Pacquiao, 115–112 for Marquez, and 114–113 for Pacquiao. Of course there were tons of blood with both boxers. Yet, when I saw Marquez’s cut, it was so big and deep compared to the previous rounds. ~Ew!~

As November 12, 2011 approaches, there still is much controversy and speculation with the fight against Pacquiao and Marquez. Some say that Marquez will finally claim victory when he should have won the first two fights, and Pacquiao just wants to get this over with and prove to people that he won the second fight fair and square and to also gain respect back from Marquez who supposedly wore a shirt saying he was robbed by Pacquiao in winning the victory belts. The next fight will take place on November 12, 2011 at 6pm. Look out for my reaction video after the fight next week!