Prom Already?!

Hey guys!

So I was at Walgreens looking at the magazines since Borders is no longer around, I update with current events at Walgreens now… sad, I know. I couldn’t help but see Shay Mitchell whom I love on the cover of Seventeen magazine! I also see Elle Fanning who I think is so adorable (I like her better than her sister) on the cover of Teen Vogue. On one of these magazines, one word seemed to just pop out of nowhere…”PROM!”

I am 24 years old and occasionally buy Seventeen magazine depending on who is on the cover. I get bored with the more mature magazine sometimes. You see the same kind of fashion and stories. When I buy Seventeen magazine, everything seems so much more colorful and lively. The fashion seems more experimental and exciting and fun, the stories are more interesting… (it’s not always on sex and cheating or motherhood or something), the celebrities have much more to say and they seem to express more on their own experiences of themselves in teen magazines. And the makeup is way better in teen magazines as well. If there is a magazine I want to write for, it would definitely be a teen magazine… maybe a food magazine too.

So I started thinking about my experience with Prom. I didn’t exactly go to a regular High School with cheerleaders and football and basketball teams. I went to an art school with actors, singers, musicians, dancers, writers, you nae the art and we had it, at least most of it. Just think of the show or movie back in the ’80s, “Fame.”

Prom was not always the best experience for me but they were all fun! Freshman year, I could have gone with my boyfriend at the time (who I believe is now gay) but I had a dance competition out of town. He went to prom with someone who I wasn’t too fond of and I can remember my friends telling me that she would mock me and imitate my voice and my walk behind my back. Yeah, he went with her. After my competition, my best friend Lil and I crashed the prom. At least, the end of it. We wore my dance costumes and made it look cool. The Vice Principal loved me and she just let us in. Later, I got scared to see my bf and so I ran out when my friend told him I was there. I ran into an alley and hid and just got scared and didn’t say hi. Supposedly, he ran after me and looked for me everywhere like a Cinderella story!

Sophomore year, my bf and I broke up but he asked me to prom that year anyways. Of course I said yes. I wore my cousin’s dress that she used for one of her beauty pageants. It looked fabulous on me. I wonder where those pics are. It was black and white. Prom was in a boat… or a ferry or whatever it was. It was fun.

Junior year, I was with another guy, David. It was like a fairytale. I wore a pink tulle like dress. And he matched me by wearing a grey tie! People described me as a fairy. All of us dancers and our dates had dinner and we all met at the restaurant. All of our parents were there being all excited and taking pics! We took a limo and took tons of pics! It was fun. The next year, David was with one of my close friends.

Senior year, I was dating a trouble maker. He got expelled and people knew we were together but because he was never around anymore, people assumed we weren’t. I was asked by different people, but I guess I just didn’t know what to do. I thought I was going to go solo. But my friend who wears sunglasses all the time with red lenses, (he looks like a younger and cute Cyclops from X-Men) asked me and I said yes. My mom and his mom knew each other, it was all good and innocent. Note, that I was still with someone else. My dress was long, satin and creme colored. We had fun and before we went to prom, our other friend had a dinner at their house. There was a bunch of us and of course and we also had a limo. After prom, I couldn’t help but want to hangout with my own bf and so I sort of blew my prom date off. Plus, he was a pothead and I wasn’t into that. My friend Sissi and her bf who was 40 years old or something (he did not go to prom) and me and my bf just had fun and ate dinner for the second time and walked around the city. I slept over my bf’s house that night.

The dress, the corsage, the boutonniere, the shoes, the limo, friends and memories. It was all so worth it! Time seriously goes by so fast and I am so happy I went to prom… four different times! Including crashing it my freshman year. I do not regret one single moment of it. Prom is about having fun with friends before becoming an adult. I did not buy the magazine because… well, I don’t really like looking at prom dresses page after page. I’m done with the whole prom thing and am more interested in… wedding dresses! Lol… not that I plan on getting married anytime soon! I guess I just wanted to write my prom experiences out there. Date or no date, you’ll have have fun anyways!


Leggings = Possible Fashion Faux Pas

To those of you ladies reading this. Don’t take this the wrong way if you may be one of those who wear leggings on a regular basis. But I cannot keep this inside any longer. Leggings. You should not wear leggings in public unless you are wearing it with a sweater dress. What is a sweater dress? Easy, it is a sweater that is as long as a dress. In short, make sure you wear leggings with a shirt, sweater, whatever top that covers your derriere. I am a college student and am at school five times a week and I can not help but want to tell each and every girl who wears leggings inappropriately to put some real pants on. Believe me, more than half the girls at school wear leggings inappropriately.  You can seriously see through that thin material and you can see granny panties and it’s revolting. I used to work retail… not my favorite clothing store but even they had a rule that specifically said, “Leggings are not pants, do not wear leggings as if it is an actual pair of jeans, cargo pants, khakis or dress pants.” Really though, leggings are more like tights. So when you wear leggings with a top that does not cover your arse, remember it is basically wearing tights and stockings without a skirt. Do yourself a favor and wear a skirt over it. Better yet since it is Fall and Winter is just around the corner, keep yourself warm and put some pants over those disgusting leggings. Rant over.

Wretched Wednesday

I woke up feeling pretty pumped considering that I was turning in 3 job applications at school. All I needed to do was print out copies of my resume and all three different cover letters. I already knew which outfit I wanted to wear which originally I was going to wear with my grey high-heeled boots but decided to go with my creme colored  vintage patent flats. It completed my outfit by making it more vintage! I was excited to hand out my application. Plus, I had a haircut/trim last night that I am still getting used to. I love the bangs if they are not being stubborn. And since my bestie texted me asking if I need a ride (I do not drive… usually I just walk to the bart station from my house and take the bus to school), I thought,  “It’s going to be a great day.”

So as I walk out of the house with maybe five books in my arm. (My bestie is borrowing three for her project at school). I walk toward her car and I slip! And her boyfriend saw! Well I’m not exactly embarrassed… okay maybe a little. But I can’t believe that I fell! I haven’t slipped like that since I don’t even know when. I know I am clumsy but not that clumsy. You know in the Twilight movie when Bella falls in front of her house and her dad helps her up and Bella says, “Yeah, ice doesn’t really help the uncoordinated,” or something along those lines? Yeah, I fell like that. Well, luckily they had food to cheer me up!

I get to school and print out my cover letters and resume. And before I hand in my little application pack, I decided to go to the bathroom and make sure I at least look presentable to give them a good impression. I pass by a couple of friends I know and I swear sometimes their comments could easily be misunderstood. Lately at school, when I bump into people, I get comments like, “I didn’t even recognize you” or “You look hella different” or “Are you and Bobby (my boyfriend~I just used a different name) still together?” Today I got, “You got a haircut?! Oh my ga…” See how these comments can be misunderstood… especially by me who obviously loves the English language and likes to analyze between the lines. When they say something like that, I can’t help but ask myself, “What is that supposed to mean?” What ever happened to a simple “Hi, how are you?” be the first thing that comes out of a person’s mouth. They make me feel like I look as if  I came from the same space ship E.T (from Steven Spielberg’s film from the 80’s) came out of. Don’t get me wrong, I love E.T! But as a kid, I was a little scared of him. And people look and talk to me as if I have the same appearance he does!

Sorry, I was going off topic a bit. So as I was running back and forth in the Student Union, I passed the same group of people I know three times. I already turned in my application and I pass them one more time feeling more confident that I completed one of my most important tasks of the day. One of them… the person I don’t know comes to me looking at my shoes. I thought maybe she was going to compliment my cute flats or ask where I got them. Instead, “Excuse me, you have something on your shoe.” I look down and guess what it is?! Toilet paper! I try to take it out with my other shoe by stepping on the toilet paper and gracefully just sliding my foot so it comes off easily. To my luck, it was easily removable without me having to touch it with my bare hands. Unfortunately, I am sure that piece of toilet paper was on my shoe as I turned in my application. Now, that would not have happened if I wore my gray boots. Or would it?

Miss Universe 2011

There are two things on TV tonight that I could watch. Miss Universe is on along with the last episode of Kate plus 8. I ask myself, which show would most benefit me?

When I was young, absolutely, I was exposed to watching Miss America and Miss Universe and all those beauty pageants. I was in dance competitions for eleven years which could be pretty close to a beauty pageant because of the competition, make-up, costumes. But at least with dance competitions, we learned some teamwork as well. As my parents yell and scream that Miss Philippines has been elected to be Top 15 (I think), I see a little glimpse and my parents quickly make the assumption that she’s pretty. They say “wow, she’s pretty” and “She’s very very pretty!” With all that make-up and major padded bra, how can you tell? Is fake the new pretty? Honestly, nothing is so “MAJOR MAJOR” about this Miss Universe. It’s not like they are curing cancer. In the Filipino culture, your appearance is the most important quality. Which upsets me as you can imagine. My mom has even said to me numerous times that no matter how smart and determined or funny you are, nothing beats outer beauty or your physical appearance. Sad.

Okay, my bad for bashing on beauty pageants. Of course, I love fashion and I’m probably one of the girliest girls that you will ever meet. But for a lot of women, I’m sure watching these shows would just make one feel more insecure. Those thoughts start to enter and you suddenly question everything about your self image. Women with curves and brains are obviously marginalized in such pageants. Pageants do not reflect the true beauty of real women.

When it comes to these little girls, how would Miss America/Miss Universe help them grow up to be a better person? I know that even though I was exposed to these pageants at a young age; as an adult in my early 20’s, I look at these pageants in disgust and think I would never want my daughter to compare herself to these girls. There is more to life than just looking pretty and sexy. What happened to being sophisticated, smart, funny and opinionated? I wouldn’t want her to look at her friends and think  who has the fleshier tummy? Do these Miss Universe pageants even know what World Peace means? Being competitive with the girl next to you certainly is not promoting World Peace. I do believe in World Peace of course. But I would work on World Peace in my own way. And to me, that is by educating the younger ones to be good people who will help promote and work toward World Peace.

Kate plus 8 is done. I guess I’ll re watch Drop Dead Diva or do my homework! And I am going to need to rethink about eating Oreos with milk. Haha! No I have been craving that since this afternoon! I deserve it! And I can wear my plastic tiara from my Uncle Arnold (who gave it to me on my 21st Birthday) while eating these scrumptious Oreos! Eat your heart out Miss Universe!

Size 8

I honestly do not know why I have decided to start a blog but for some odd reason, I thought that what goes on in my head may be interesting to some people. I am a size 8. And for a while… after I have graduated after High School, I have been getting comments from random people telling me that I am fat. Don’t people know that the word “fat” is the worst thing to say to a girl? I get it mostly from family members and up until recently my boyfriend’s Uncle and some people at the Dance Center have implied that I am… fffff… fffff…. fat.

In my culture, the lighter you are, the prettier you are and the skinnier you are, the more beautiful you are. I am not even close to being pale white nor am I close to being stick skinny, so I am basically a very unattractive woman in my culture. Let’s face it, the culture we live in is based on appearance. I LOVE to eat. Well, I love good food. I especially love chocolate! Mmmmmm just the thought of warm dark chocolate makes my mouth salivate. I have once, maybe twice devoured a brownie and cupcake. It’s just so good and makes me forget about everything just for that moment. And then after, I feel horrible. That’s where all my negativity starts. I start wishing I were skinnier to satisfy myself and the people who have to look at me. I often think, “If I were a size 2, I could rule the world.” Yesterday, my mom told me that when I was in High School I was a size 4. It’s like she tries to find a reason for my weight gain. She somehow thinks that I have a thyroid problem because her friend has it and a symptom is weight gain. Yesterday, she blamed it on my birth control pills. I’ve been on my birth control pills for 7 years and of the 3 years, I haven’t gained a lot of weight. She acts as if I have gained 50 pounds within a year and I do know that is not the case. A couple years after High School, I stopped dancing every single minute of my life. That’s all.

You know I always think back to how I was back then and wish so much that I was still the same but it’s not really worth it. I think about my little cousin (let’s give her a fake name like Ellie) who is not skinny and think, “How many positive role models can she look up to that she knows personally and not feel bad about the way she looks?” A lot of the adults give her crap about her weight too. On Ellie’s 8th birthday this year, my family took her out to brunch and went shopping for her and her older sister. Her older sister is very tiny. When we picked out all of her older sister’s clothes, it was Ellie’s turn and my Grandma was not just choosing from the juniors section but also grabbing the largest size in the juniors section which is too big for Ellie. Then Ellie said to me, “She thinks I’m the biggest size.” I said to her, “It’s okay. And you are not the biggest size.” It’s Ellie who makes me proud of who I am today. Not some size 4 High Schooler my mom and grandma and my boyfriend’s irrelevant uncle wishes I were. It’s Ellie that makes me love my big hips, bubble butt and thunder thighs. And let’s not forget to mention my muffin top. I know that being a size 8 can often make me feel bad about myself but I really am working on it. There are more things in life to worry about than being a size 2. I think what my challenge is and several of my closest friends know this is to love myself the way I am. I used to love myself… in High School. But that’s because my family praised me for looking good. Now, I have something better than good looks… a brain. And I really do need to learn how to embrace and love the new and improved me.

“Fat” is a horrid word. If people are going to use that word to describe me. I am sure I can get back at them with something else like saying, “Well you’re getting old, what do you know?” So I guess I do know what I am blogging about. The everyday highs and lows of a size 8 twenty-something year old!