Group Projects and Why I Dislike It

Group projects. Maybe it is just this particular group that I was assigned with but it’s not that I do not like the people; It is more so I do not like the fact that my thoughts and suggestions are either marginalized and put aside or straight up get shut down. I often feel this way in some classes as well. Where my thoughts and ideas are not important and get ignored while someone says the same exact thing I said and gets the privilege of having their thoughts which are the same as mine written on the board.  Maybe it is my voice that makes people not take me seriously. I don’t know. But whatever it is, I do not like the after thoughts and feelings I have inside about myself.And it also can be frustrating that this is my favorite class, yet I can not reach my full potential in this final project because the group mates do not exactly favor my ideas.

So my group project is about the “Forgotten War” which is the Philippine-American War. Really, I love this topic. I find it interesting and want to research more on how it was forgotten and why. I suggested that part of our presentation have a  bit on how the US has influenced the Philippines and it’s traditions and cultures. They said that it was too broad. And one girl said, “What do you mean by that?” Um… How did the US influence the Philippines? That’s pretty understandable. But they specifically wanted to talk about the Philippine-American War and it’s time period which was ten or more years. They didn’t give a damn on how the Philippines was before this war happened and if anything changed after or since that war. Another girl even offended me by not knowing my name. My teacher calls my name out often and I sit in front of this person consistently and she does not know my name!? She may have very good vocabulary but she doesn’t seem very attentive. Especially, if we were all put in a group together and she didn’t care to see who the other group mates are. I am bothered that she knew the rest of our group members names but not mine. Singled out twice in one morning.

I believe that my suggestion is a great idea and can add more variety to the project. All we are listing is how and why it happened,  media coverage from both sides American and Philippines and we are showing some pictures of cartoons and what message is it trying to express.  Nothing at all on how the Philippines improved or didn’t improve. Instead of my suggestion, they suggested we get Filipinos’ reactions on the war. That to me is of course relevent but not as relevent as looking at the entire country as one and it’s affects from the war.

It’s Friday but it’s not looking like a very fun one for me.


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