Leggings = Possible Fashion Faux Pas

To those of you ladies reading this. Don’t take this the wrong way if you may be one of those who wear leggings on a regular basis. But I cannot keep this inside any longer. Leggings. You should not wear leggings in public unless you are wearing it with a sweater dress. What is a sweater dress? Easy, it is a sweater that is as long as a dress. In short, make sure you wear leggings with a shirt, sweater, whatever top that covers your derriere. I am a college student and am at school five times a week and I can not help but want to tell each and every girl who wears leggings inappropriately to put some real pants on. Believe me, more than half the girls at school wear leggings inappropriately.  You can seriously see through that thin material and you can see granny panties and it’s revolting. I used to work retail… not my favorite clothing store but even they had a rule that specifically said, “Leggings are not pants, do not wear leggings as if it is an actual pair of jeans, cargo pants, khakis or dress pants.” Really though, leggings are more like tights. So when you wear leggings with a top that does not cover your arse, remember it is basically wearing tights and stockings without a skirt. Do yourself a favor and wear a skirt over it. Better yet since it is Fall and Winter is just around the corner, keep yourself warm and put some pants over those disgusting leggings. Rant over.


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