Mayweather Vs. Ortiz/ Mayweather Vs. Interviewer (?)

Seriously, the fight was a little ridiculous. If there is a reason why I hate sports, it is because of cheating. Both parties purposely cheated. Ortiz head butted Mayweather. Ortiz was very apologetic afterwards. Then after hitting gloves which symbolizes the fight is over, Mayweather punches Ortiz twice! The fight was over! And because he punched Ortiz twice to the ground, he won?! And that referee. Was he drunk or what? He was not even paying any attention whatsoever to the boxers. He just let Mayweather hit him. He didn’t stop him at all. That referee needs to improve his game and prove that he’s a good attentive referee.¬† And when Ortiz was on the ground he started his count on 3… maybe even 4! That’s not fair either. Ortiz could have gotten up if he started counting at 1.

Then as Mayweather was being questioned by his “victorious” win, he accuses the interviewer of not siding with him and “doesn’t know sh*t about boxing.” At least, the interviewer took it in a comedic way that if he (the interviewer) were 50 years younger, he’d kick his a*s! Haha! Loved that! It was entertaining, but not worth watching. But to me obviously, worth blogging about!

We all just need Mayweather to shut his mouth about being “victorious” or what not and the true victory will show in the fight most anticipated. PACQUIAO! He ain’t on steroids, he’s got pure talent and strength, so Mayweather needs to stop being a scaredy cat and bring it to the ring. Even I can’t wait to see Pacman KO Mayweather!


One thought on “Mayweather Vs. Ortiz/ Mayweather Vs. Interviewer (?)

  1. Harnew says:

    Whoa! I read this on Yahoo. Wish I saw this

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