Miss Universe 2011

There are two things on TV tonight that I could watch. Miss Universe is on along with the last episode of Kate plus 8. I ask myself, which show would most benefit me?

When I was young, absolutely, I was exposed to watching Miss America and Miss Universe and all those beauty pageants. I was in dance competitions for eleven years which could be pretty close to a beauty pageant because of the competition, make-up, costumes. But at least with dance competitions, we learned some teamwork as well. As my parents yell and scream that Miss Philippines has been elected to be Top 15 (I think), I see a little glimpse and my parents quickly make the assumption that she’s pretty. They say “wow, she’s pretty” and “She’s very very pretty!” With all that make-up and major padded bra, how can you tell? Is fake the new pretty? Honestly, nothing is so “MAJOR MAJOR” about this Miss Universe. It’s not like they are curing cancer. In the Filipino culture, your appearance is the most important quality. Which upsets me as you can imagine. My mom has even said to me numerous times that no matter how smart and determined or funny you are, nothing beats outer beauty or your physical appearance. Sad.

Okay, my bad for bashing on beauty pageants. Of course, I love fashion and I’m probably one of the girliest girls that you will ever meet. But for a lot of women, I’m sure watching these shows would just make one feel more insecure. Those thoughts start to enter and you suddenly question everything about your self image. Women with curves and brains are obviously marginalized in such pageants. Pageants do not reflect the true beauty of real women.

When it comes to these little girls, how would Miss America/Miss Universe help them grow up to be a better person? I know that even though I was exposed to these pageants at a young age; as an adult in my early 20’s, I look at these pageants in disgust and think I would never want my daughter to compare herself to these girls. There is more to life than just looking pretty and sexy. What happened to being sophisticated, smart, funny and opinionated? I wouldn’t want her to look at her friends and think  who has the fleshier tummy? Do these Miss Universe pageants even know what World Peace means? Being competitive with the girl next to you certainly is not promoting World Peace. I do believe in World Peace of course. But I would work on World Peace in my own way. And to me, that is by educating the younger ones to be good people who will help promote and work toward World Peace.

Kate plus 8 is done. I guess I’ll re watch Drop Dead Diva or do my homework! And I am going to need to rethink about eating Oreos with milk. Haha! No I have been craving that since this afternoon! I deserve it! And I can wear my plastic tiara from my Uncle Arnold (who gave it to me on my 21st Birthday) while eating these scrumptious Oreos! Eat your heart out Miss Universe!


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