Borders bookstores… gone!

I know I’m two weeks late on the whole Borders stores worldwide closing. It’s just… sad. Seriously, what is this world coming to? If one of the largest bookstores is gone (and some cities do not even have a Barnes and Noble),what bookstore is there for people to just hang out in and take a breather? There are small independent bookstores but there aren’t any with a small cafe and or tables and chairs to hang out in where you can feel comfy and cozy enough to be in your own world.

What I loved about Borders is that it was big. It is not like those smaller bookstores where you can see all the people in the bookstore. At Borders, you can almost always (like 95% of the time) find a secluded place in between bookshelves or a chair would be in a corner to read a book or write in your diary/journal. Whenever I was at Borers just reflecting on my emotions or flying a broomstick and playing Quidditch with Harry and the Weasleys (Harry Potter Series) or shopping in New York City with Carrie Bradshaw (the Carrie Diaries, Summer and the City) or even being in a mental hospital with Dolores (She’s Come Undone) and just doing some Math homework or what not, Borders was always a place for me to just… simply be me and was a place for me to escape from the reality. Borders was my second home. And even though, I was at a Borders bookstore on their last day shopping for Harry Potter magazines, a planner and Naruto and One Piece comics for my boyfriend, I didn’t exactly realize then that it would be my last day at a place that was always there for me.

Slowly and day by day as I am downtown everyday, I walk around in different places and I would always go to Borders just to read or write. And because, there are no more Borders… I do not have a place to really do that. There’s the food court at the mall, a little lounge area at the mall which is always packed with tourists and foreigners and there’s also Starbucks. But I always feel obligated to buy something at Starbucks. And I’m not really a coffee drinker. The only time I drink coffee is if I did not have my 6-8 hours of sleep or I cried myself to sleep for some miniscule reason. So I officially feel like my life is over. Borders is gone.

Also, what would the world do without books? When and if I ever have children, are books still going to be in schools? Will we still have libraries? I would not want my child to not be able to hold and read a book and feel that accomplishment of turning the page. I would not want to live in a world without books. If this world is going to be taken over by technology, we might as well not have any writing utensils! Kindles, laptops, screens… BRIGHT screens and the internet will be all that we have.  We will all just stare at each other or screens. And it’s odd… a lot of the time, if I am not holding a book or a notebook, I feel lost or as if I am missing something. Now that Borders is gone and got me to start reading the Harry Potter books, an important part of my life is missing just because I do not have a place to go daily. I have home… but who wants to stay home all day. Yes, I go to school and have a job… but we all know that sometimes we just need a break! Hahahaha! I believe Borders is responsible for a lot of my “breaks.”

Borders: if the CEO or some major important creator or leader of Borders is reading, I am truly sorry and depressed that all Borders have closed down. You wouldn’t imagine, how much my life relied on your store and iced mochas with whipped cream. I always admired the way your Seattle’s Best employees took the time to make my iced mochas perfectly. And once I take that first sip, it’s like I’ve never felt so illuminated in my entire life. I bought most of my books, scrapbooks, photo albums and notebooks from there and I still have my Borders rewards card on my keychain. Just wanted to let you know, that you have a lot of fans and cities await for another opening. And for some reason, I still have hope and that it’s not really the end. Thanks for all the adventures and the iced mochas and for always being open to being my second home.


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