Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (SPOILER ALERT)

Stop what you are doing right now (that includes reading my blog) and go to your nearest movie theater and watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2! Seriously, GO! Flying broomsticks, magic wands, the horcruxes, the deathly hallows and the heroic characters all make this final movie an epic one. This is the last Harry Potter film and as a loyal fan, I will do the best of my ability to help this last movie reach a billion dollars in 3 weeks. (NOTE: I am only a sales associate at American Eagle so I do not have loads of money where I can watch it everyday but I can work with what I’ve got.) On a brighter note, I get paid this Friday and will watch the film at least 4 more times. And will probably buy HP magazines and one more HP shirt and I need to replace my time turner necklace that came in a box from Borders. It was made out of plastic and broke after a few years.  Today, I saw the movie with my boyfriend :). He did not fall asleep like when we watched the midnight showing of the last film Part 1 so that is a REALLY good sign. He also predicted the end and his prediction was wrong. He obviously does not read the books. For the most part, he LOVED it.

As I enter the IMAX theater, I can not help but feel excited and calm. Considering that one of the workers told me it was a sold out show, it looks less than half full. I sit somewhat close… too close actually, but in the center. The theater was not too full yet. I realize that sitting in that row, we would be looking up into the screen and the color kind of fades at the top nor do we get a full view. So I move two rows higher. Center of course. Perfect! My boyfriend comes to join me with the curly fries (I get nauseated when I eat movie theater popcorn) and soda and we have 16 minutes til our show. I go to the bathroom. I come back and we have 10 more minutes and I get soooooooooooooooooooo excited. As the lights are dimmed and the only lights in the theater you can see are the EXIT signs and the lights from below the screen, a movie theater worker’s voice comes on intercom telling us where to exit and silence are cell phones. The rest of the screen lights dim and I get goosebumps. And it is not because of the air conditioning.

As the movie rolls, I am enjoying every second of it. My heart was racing and I needed to use the bathroom again…probably because of all the excitement I have inside. I didn’t go to the bathroom until after the movie. The characters that have stuck with me are Neville, Luna of course (whomI have a kinship with), the Malfoys, Mrs. Weasley, Lavender Brown, Professor McGonagall and of course the trio. Oh my goodness, I’ve almost forgotten Snape! The memories he has given Harry got me to cry. And I was crying throughout his entire memory as Harry puts it into Dumbledore’s Pensieve. I cried a great deal after since Harry just figured out that he is basically a Horcrux. Neville. Boy, how happy I was to see his face when he first entered the screen. I love that he has his own poster for this movie, I loved every part he was in and I love that he has become a major hero in the last book and movie. This movie shows why he was chosen to be in Gryffindor. As much as I would like to tell my favorite characters and what happens with them, I do not want to spoil anything either. The movie deserved a standing ovation and this certainly will not be the last time I would be watching it. Writing about this just makes me want to watch it again. So just watch it and you will soon be pulled into this magical world where evil tries to conquer our most important lessons in life. LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER!


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