The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Book Review

Note: This was written in my diary on February 21, 2012 at 12:01 am

I just finished “Hunger Games.” It was a pretty emotional roller coaster. I don’t even know what to think of the book, except for that I liked it. No, I LOVED it. Wow! I read that book in 5 days. I’ve read that book faster than any other book I have ever read… even Harry Potter. That must mean it was really really good!

Okay, it’s obvious I loved the book. I admire the protagonist. I admire her willingness to survive and to help those she cares for. I love that she gets confused at the right moments yet she still knows what she is doing. I also love that although she is very strong and independent, she can seem like a home maker meaning she knows when to be hospitable and knowledgeable when it comes to nursing someone back to…life and better health.

*Spoiler Alert* from here on… pace yourself!

Peeta. I sort of struggled with him. I liked him ever since his first encounter with Katniss. Yet, when his name got called in the Reaping, I was confused as to why Katniss reacted the way she did, “Oh no, I think. Not him.” Then she explained her guilt of never thanking him. He sacrificed getting beaten from his mother to give Katniss some bread. This is when I thought that I like Peeta. “He’s sweet,”  is what I told myself. Then I disliked him when he was allies with the Careers. Then I liked him after he sacrificed his life, yet again to save Katniss at the games. From then on, I liked him more and more. I still do.

I like Rue, Thresh (who are Tributes fron District 11)  and the redheaded Avox girl (works at the Capitol). They each have a good heart and although Thresh did have a willing to survive and kill, I do believe that he only wanted to kill the selfish tributes… at least the ones who threatened him. Rue… cute and sweet little Rue. How I love her so. I will say no more, otherwise I will just depress myself. The redheaded Avox girl just seems very endearing and somehow motherly toward Katniss when she needs it. They have this kinship that you can only understand if read.

Of course I like Gale. He’s Katniss’s bff ever since both their fathers passed away in the coal mine. I just wish he expressed himself sooner. I love Gale and I also wish I knew more about him. Katniss and Gale are basically the same person. They take care of their families and each other. That’s the most important. What’s not to like about that? And they do that together. Katniss is so fond of Gale yet, I personally believe that she does have feelings for Peeta. She is just confused because she doesn’t know if her “star-crossed lovers” actions were more real or more show. I would be confused too. I would also be extremely traumatized of the whole Hunger Games experience altogether.

I came across an old coworker of mine who also loves to read. He has also read Harry Potter several times. I asked him if he’s read “The Hunger Games” and he tells me that he wouldn’t like it. He has a valid point. He doesn’t like the idea of kids killing each other. That got me thinking…

Why would anyone want to write about children hunting each other down? To get other young people to loathe each other and premeditate one’s killing? It is definitely something for author Suzanne Collins to answer if she hasn’t already.

Then I kept thinking some more…

This book is based in the future. At least that is how I perceive it. I see it as if North America has reached and “end of the world” type of natural disaster or end of the war and the Great Depression happens… this is where the Hunger Games starts. Survival, trust, love, friendship, lost and much more…. this is what the Hunger Games is all about. But as I was discussing this topic with my boyfriend in how and why Suzanne Collins wrote this book, I came up with the idea that she wrote this because it teaches us about never giving up on yourself. Always believing in yourself no matter how many people try to take you down. And that!… is a great moral. You can never beat that!

Now the movies… I am excited and I love the cast! So far anyways. Hope it will be as good as the book but I doubt it. Pick up the “The Hunger Games” at your local bookstore and start reading!


Prom Already?!

Hey guys!

So I was at Walgreens looking at the magazines since Borders is no longer around, I update with current events at Walgreens now… sad, I know. I couldn’t help but see Shay Mitchell whom I love on the cover of Seventeen magazine! I also see Elle Fanning who I think is so adorable (I like her better than her sister) on the cover of Teen Vogue. On one of these magazines, one word seemed to just pop out of nowhere…”PROM!”

I am 24 years old and occasionally buy Seventeen magazine depending on who is on the cover. I get bored with the more mature magazine sometimes. You see the same kind of fashion and stories. When I buy Seventeen magazine, everything seems so much more colorful and lively. The fashion seems more experimental and exciting and fun, the stories are more interesting… (it’s not always on sex and cheating or motherhood or something), the celebrities have much more to say and they seem to express more on their own experiences of themselves in teen magazines. And the makeup is way better in teen magazines as well. If there is a magazine I want to write for, it would definitely be a teen magazine… maybe a food magazine too.

So I started thinking about my experience with Prom. I didn’t exactly go to a regular High School with cheerleaders and football and basketball teams. I went to an art school with actors, singers, musicians, dancers, writers, you nae the art and we had it, at least most of it. Just think of the show or movie back in the ’80s, “Fame.”

Prom was not always the best experience for me but they were all fun! Freshman year, I could have gone with my boyfriend at the time (who I believe is now gay) but I had a dance competition out of town. He went to prom with someone who I wasn’t too fond of and I can remember my friends telling me that she would mock me and imitate my voice and my walk behind my back. Yeah, he went with her. After my competition, my best friend Lil and I crashed the prom. At least, the end of it. We wore my dance costumes and made it look cool. The Vice Principal loved me and she just let us in. Later, I got scared to see my bf and so I ran out when my friend told him I was there. I ran into an alley and hid and just got scared and didn’t say hi. Supposedly, he ran after me and looked for me everywhere like a Cinderella story!

Sophomore year, my bf and I broke up but he asked me to prom that year anyways. Of course I said yes. I wore my cousin’s dress that she used for one of her beauty pageants. It looked fabulous on me. I wonder where those pics are. It was black and white. Prom was in a boat… or a ferry or whatever it was. It was fun.

Junior year, I was with another guy, David. It was like a fairytale. I wore a pink tulle like dress. And he matched me by wearing a grey tie! People described me as a fairy. All of us dancers and our dates had dinner and we all met at the restaurant. All of our parents were there being all excited and taking pics! We took a limo and took tons of pics! It was fun. The next year, David was with one of my close friends.

Senior year, I was dating a trouble maker. He got expelled and people knew we were together but because he was never around anymore, people assumed we weren’t. I was asked by different people, but I guess I just didn’t know what to do. I thought I was going to go solo. But my friend who wears sunglasses all the time with red lenses, (he looks like a younger and cute Cyclops from X-Men) asked me and I said yes. My mom and his mom knew each other, it was all good and innocent. Note, that I was still with someone else. My dress was long, satin and creme colored. We had fun and before we went to prom, our other friend had a dinner at their house. There was a bunch of us and of course and we also had a limo. After prom, I couldn’t help but want to hangout with my own bf and so I sort of blew my prom date off. Plus, he was a pothead and I wasn’t into that. My friend Sissi and her bf who was 40 years old or something (he did not go to prom) and me and my bf just had fun and ate dinner for the second time and walked around the city. I slept over my bf’s house that night.

The dress, the corsage, the boutonniere, the shoes, the limo, friends and memories. It was all so worth it! Time seriously goes by so fast and I am so happy I went to prom… four different times! Including crashing it my freshman year. I do not regret one single moment of it. Prom is about having fun with friends before becoming an adult. I did not buy the magazine because… well, I don’t really like looking at prom dresses page after page. I’m done with the whole prom thing and am more interested in… wedding dresses! Lol… not that I plan on getting married anytime soon! I guess I just wanted to write my prom experiences out there. Date or no date, you’ll have have fun anyways!

Ten Things I will accomplish in 2012

1) Dance

Aside from writing, dance really was my first passion. I signed up for Jazz and Afro-Haitian at school and would love to sign up for ballet this semester too. I’ve always loved ballet, but the requirements to be a ballerina sucks… one look at me and already disqualified. But hey, I love it and no one is stopping me.

2) Continue my path on getting my Bachelor’s in English.

I know my mom wants me to quite school and work full time. But I want this Bachelor’s for me, not anyone else. I have always wanted to teach Middle Schoolers but I wouldn’t mind being a writer for some girly magazine either, or maybe one of those people who edits papers or something. I need that Bachelor’s degree and I am so close! There’s just some people who don’t think I need it. But I do need it!

3) Find a part time job.

I need to find a part time job. It would be nice to pay my parents a bit of money and also support myself by buying my own stuff too!

3) Get my Driver’s License.

This has been put off for way too long. I am terrified of it and love to walk and take public transportation but I need to do it, especially now that I am living in the suburbs.

4) Get my wisdom teeth extracted.

The date is set! Yes, I have heard horror stories and haven’t been able to sleep thinking about it, but I have to get it done otherwise my braces were pointless.

5) Go to Church more often.

I have been going to Church more than once a week lately and I love it. I just need to maintain this.

6) Eat less chocolate.

I don’t know if this is possible, but I can try.

7) Write more.

The fact that all Borders bookstores are gone really has affected my daily journaling. My emotions are everywhere if I do not write. This shouldn’t be a reason for me to stop writing. I do miss Borders though!

8) Stop swearing so much.

It’s unbecoming. Once I stopped working with kids, my mouth was just on vacation or something… “F* this” and “Sh*!” It was a sense of release somehow but it really needs to stop.

9) Continue to volunteer.

This past semester, I did a lot of volunteer work with Project Shine and tutoring students with English for a student success program. I did good considering one of the few students who saw me received in A in her class. It was very rewarding.

10) Love myself more.

This year, there was a lot of “fat” comments towards me. It hurts. I know I am not skinny and I know I am not fat. I did like myself the way I was, but my emotions about myself are up and down. Everyone is beautiful, including myself. Accepting myself is something I need to work on.

Happy New Year!


Okay… recently, I have watched Breaking Dawn Part 1. My bestie and I planned on watching it one day. Although, the audience was not as perfect as I had hoped (the people sitting behind us had their cell phones ringing during the wedding part and they were constantly talking, not whispering… talking throughout the movie), I still LOVED the movie! I just had to see it again! So that same day, I watched the movie again with my boyfriend! It was that amazing! I laughed, I cried, I was in love, I was scared. My parents even saw it and my mom also loved it and my dad thought it was the best movie of all of the series.

I got into the Twilight Series right before it became this huge thing. When I read it, I was 21 yrs old and single. And after reading Twilight, my standards for possible future boyfriends were very high. I am so thankful for that though. Thanks Stephenie Meyer! I was so into Twilight that I had post-it notes all over the book about my reaction to what just happened! I even met Robert Pattinson and got his autograph at the mall in Hot topic.

Anywho, I loved Twilight and have been out of touch with my Twilight side for a while. And with the stresses of college and my personal life, I think Twilight is the perfect get away. I also realized that reading Twilight as someone who is single compared to someone in a relationship may be a different experience. Who knows? We shall find out. So this is my new thing. I am going to blog about re-reading Twilight as someone in a relationship.

Also, my friend from school and I were discussing the Twilight books and talking about the difference between Anne Rice who is the Queen of Vampires and Stephenie Meyer. My friend Colleen loves literature and by far loves the Anne Rice novels more than the Twilght Saga. And several people agree that Anne Rice’s novels are better considering there are no cheesey parts like vampires sparkling in the sunlight. But she also pointed out that Stephenie Meyer was able to do something Anne Rice didn’t. Stephenie Meyer’s books were able to connect better with people that it created this huge fan base. Anne Rice’s novels are based from a long time ago. I understand that all vampires are old and live forever, but Anne Rice’s, the Vampire Chronicles are written a long long time ago… like in the 1800s. Some people find old English very challenging to understand. Somewhat Shakespeare like. My mom who had a vampire obsession, read all of Anne Rice’s books. On the other hand, Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga was  about vampires living now, in modern time. Although the books go up to 700+ pages, it’s a fairly fast and easy read. The Twilight Saga, just like Harry Potter comes in all sorts of different languages. So that also adds to the huge universal fan base. I am not sure if the Vampire Chronicles come in all sorts of different languages. By all means, I am not saying that Anne Rice is better than Stephenie Meyer or Stephenie Meyer is better than Anne Rice. There are just two very different writers who have a love for vampires and know how to connect with all sorts of different readers.

Why I like the Twilight Saga:

1) It brings me to this world of infinite possibilities.

2) If it weren’t for Twilight, I’d still be dating guys who take advantage of me or don’t treat me like how a woman should be treated. I’d probably still be single.

3) It’s relatable. There are so many characters that people would easily connect with. I love Leah, but several people believe that I am Alice! I love Alice too of course!

4) It is a fun read!

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 3 Afterthoughts

Okay so the fight is over. It wasn’t exactly Pacquiao’s best fight… nor was it Marquez’s. In several ways, it is politics. The judges had to have Pacquiao win in order for the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight to happen. Otherwise, the fight was very close.

My own personal highlighsts are as following:

The Joe Frazier Memorial

Round 6 because the fight gets dirty

Round 9 because Marquez started clinching

Round 10 because Marquez slowly dropped on the floor… on purpose?

The score which was 114/114, 115/113 for Pacquiao and 116/112 for Pacquiao

The interview with Pacquiao right after because of his answers

The interview with Marquez because he was naked and still believes that he was robbed.

Although, the fight concluded the way it did, both fighters still kept going. Pacquiao took some pretty brutal punches from Marquez and did not get that affected except for the head butt and bloody lower lip from Round 5. On the other hand, Marquez also took some good punches from Pacquiao and still kept up but got tired as they reached round 12.

I will be getting rather harsh now considering the fact that I am a proud Manny Pacquiao fan. Yes, people are saying that Marquez should have won the fight fight. I disagree. Looking at all three judges score cards, obviously Pacquiao won.

Here are the reasons why I believe that Pacquiao won and why I believe that Marquez should not have won:

1) Marquez consistently stepped on Pacquiao’s foot. You can see this in Rounds 4, 6, 7, 8 and 12.

2) Marquez drank his piss yet again! This is against the rules. During the fight, you are only allowed to drink water.

3) In order to gain the Championship Title, Marquez is supposed to KNOCK OUT Pacquiao. Clearly, that did not happen.

Here’s my reaction video and some other sources to prove my point.

Once Upon A Time on ABC

Mary Margaret, John Doe, Regina, Emma and Henry… Who are these people? Well Mary Margaret is Snow White, John Doe aka James is Prince Charming, Regina is the Evil Queen, Emma is Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter and Henry is Emma’s son but named after the Evil Queen’s father! Sounds complicated but that is what makes it so darn good!

Seriously, I have never watched this much tv in my life! There is Revenge, PanAm, the X Factor, New Girl, GRIMM and Once Upon A Time. My weekends are devoted to my television screen. Really sad I know but this season, directors really made a good connection to their audience and definitely took them into consideration. Of all the shows, my most anticipated is Once Upon A Time. Maybe it is because of the fantasy sort of meets reality, maybe it is the fairy tales and happy or not so happy endings, maybe it is because I have always had a weird connection with Snow White or maybe it is Ginnifer Goodwin. But I just love the show. If you are a fantasy type person and loves to escape from reality, this is the show for you. And I highly recommend it! I can not believe how obsessed I am with this show. And you think fairy tales are only for kids… well not this one! The actors, the storyline, the setting… everything is perfect! What makes it truly unique is Henry, who is just a child is trying to piece the reality characters to discover who they really are. Really, every person in this world (or in their case, town) is a fairy tale character. And I like that concept.

All three episodes are beyond astonishing and has me twitching and squirming with anticipation. Next week, they will bring Cinderella into the story. I have several questions. Some are just wanting to know more about Snow White, who is Emma’s Prince or Princess, and of course the Evil Queen. All actors have done an amazing job. Of course the writers and the people behind the scenes deserve a standing ovation in my book! I love this show and can re-watch it everyday if I had the time. Once Upon A Time is on every Sunday at 8pm on abc. Enjoy! ^_^ And make sure to cut your apples, you will never know what may have been living inside it.

PACQUIAO vs. MARQUEZ Fight 3 (highlights of fight 1 and 2)

As it is Saturday, November 5, 2011, I bet there are tons of Pacman, Marquez and boxing fans anticipating next week. If you do not already know, Pacman and Marquez will be fighting for the THIRD time next week. Their first fight happened in 2004 and then Marquez asked to fight again in 2008 which Pacquiao agreed to. It has been three years since their last fight and I am sure Marquez would like to prove that he is the better fighter; while Pacquiao just wants to prove that he is the best and would happily do so. Both fighters have improved tremendously from fight 1 to fight 2. It is very exciting to see how much they have improved physically and mentally since fight 2. For the next seven days, fans will be counting off the days until next Saturday.

In 2004, Marquez was the best fighter. He was the fighter that had to be beat, he was undefeated! He had won his many titles and belts with his counter-punches and is also known as the strongest Mexican fighter. Meanwhile, Pacquiao was still not very familiar to boxing fans. He won several fights and lost few against other boxers who were also not very well-known.  He won his first fight against well-known Marco Barrera in 2003. As I was watching the first fight of Pacquiao against Marquez, you can tell that Pacquiao was very young and still needed some learning to do. But, you can also tell that he had a drive to just… fight. He seemed a bit arrogant and uncontrollable. He was definitely good, but Marquez definitely came back with his counter-punches. In the first round, Marquez got knocked down three times by Pacquiao! But I do believe that Pacquiao gave all his energy in the beginning of this fight. After that, nothing really stuck out to me. That first fight was a tie, the scores were 115–110 for Marquez, 115–110 for Pacquiao, and 113–113. The scores obviously made a big controversy on both parties. Some people say one of the judges messed up counting his scores in favor of Pacquiao winning and others say it was political and the reason why Pacquiao did not win is because he was still not very popular while Marquez is supposed to be undefeated.  All I remember is Marquez was bleeding like crazy and it showed with the white shorts he was wearing. ~Ew!~

In 2008, the two fought again. In Round 2, Pacquiao got hit right in the head pretty badly. But you know, he always acts as if one hit is nothing. In Round 3, Pacquiao knocked down Marquez. Once he got up, Pacquiao just kept hitting him toward the ropes.  Pacquiao’s punches were so strong that Marquez had to hold onto the ropes to help stay him up. Marquez even followed Pacquiao to his corner. The referee assisted him eventually into his own corner.In Round 8, Pacquiao was hit pretty badly a few times. Pacquiao won the fight and Marquez’s face looked pretty hurt. At times, it looked like Pacquiao’s punches didn’t look like they were reaching and hitting Marquez, but with the way Marquez’s face looks you can tell that his face was not missed. The judges scores with were 115–112 for Pacquiao, 115–112 for Marquez, and 114–113 for Pacquiao. Of course there were tons of blood with both boxers. Yet, when I saw Marquez’s cut, it was so big and deep compared to the previous rounds. ~Ew!~

As November 12, 2011 approaches, there still is much controversy and speculation with the fight against Pacquiao and Marquez. Some say that Marquez will finally claim victory when he should have won the first two fights, and Pacquiao just wants to get this over with and prove to people that he won the second fight fair and square and to also gain respect back from Marquez who supposedly wore a shirt saying he was robbed by Pacquiao in winning the victory belts. The next fight will take place on November 12, 2011 at 6pm. Look out for my reaction video after the fight next week!